About Us

Apple Market Events, sister company to Mash Media (the largest and most inclusive media company in the global events industry) has been launched to identify and develop new exhibition brands and events.
Apple Markets Events Launched in early 2018 by Simon Pilling, Julian and Liz Agostini seeks to establish and re-establish brands to support the consumer market.
Our inaugural exhibition “Body Beautiful” focuses on the cosmetic procedure industry and the lack of information for the public. Body Beautiful will support this growing sector and support those deciding whether to have a surgical or non-surgical procedure.
With further ideas and brands in the pipeline, Apple Market Events will establish itself in the exhibition market place primarily with B2C events, supporting and informing the public.

Our Brands

Talented People

It takes a certain breed. Like the people within our industry we work hard and we play hard; we’re exceptionally competitive; we drive the very highest standards for ourselves and our industry; we care passionately about our industry and we work best with those that share these values.
Apple Market is an intense environment where we drive each other forward to be the very best. If you want to be a part of it, and you’re a talented individual, we want you and we’ll find a place for you.
In exchange, we offer an exciting working environment, with excellent packages and the chance to work with a group of people that will become your friends as well as your colleagues.

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